Excellent write-up, Karim! Much needed analysis, imho.

Wanted to ask a couple of follow-up questions:

1. If GHC was priced lower than Jira would you consider keeping it? I hear you that calculating hard (and even soft) ROI is challenging

2. What's your impression of the GHC product development velocity, is it getting better fast vis a vis product marketing?

3. To whom would you recommend it?

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It's not the price that's the concern, its the value. 75% of the team switch it off i.e. even at $0 its of no use to them. In terms of areas of potential, the following are good use cases:

* unit test authoring

* front-end s/w development


Basically anything/questions that are very popular on Stack Overflow :)

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I hope Copilot GTM or Product team will read this post :). Unsolicited user feedback for one of their products.

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